DIY Floral Skull Planter

What do I love more than crafting? Stupid easy crafts with stellar results.

Insert this insanely easy project that does not have to be confined to Halloween decor.

These little guys will be a permanent staple in my house.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve always had a fixation with skulls, in both art and decor. Even the quickest of strolls through my Pinterest would reveal that. So, there’s no way I’d put these into storage come November 1st.

Nope. We’ve bonded.

Step ONE: Purchase planter


I purchased this guy on Amazon here and his counterpart in black can be purchased here. It all depends on what type of look you’re going for.

Who am I to limit your creativity?

step two: purchase flowers & foam


As an introvert, and a subscriber, I’m typically more of an Amazon Prime (from my couch) shopper. But my local AC Moore had a 40% off sale going on, so, I picked these supplies up there.

I definitely encourage you to check out your local craft stores!

Step three: cut foam to size


I trust that you’ve got this!

step four: cut flowers


I used these guys simply because it’s what I had available to me after I made the realization that my ordinary crafting scissors were not that man for the job.


I did vary the lengths slightly between the flowers, favoring the center to be taller, but it’s not a necessity. You could achieve this simply by how far you insert the flowers into the foam.

Now, it’s time to bring out your inner florist!

step five: assemble

Meet Ezra. . .


And Adeline. . .


Yes. I’ve named them.

step six: Marvel at your masterpieces!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this incredibly easy tutorial!

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What are you planning to craft this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

DIY Halloween Decoration - Flower Skull - Skull Planter
DIY Halloween Decoration – Flower Skull – Skull Planter

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