Solotica Natural Colors Mel – Review

I can preface this with the fact that I am not sponsored by this brand, I have no affiliation with this brand, and I am not –by any means– a bonafide product reviewer.

What I am is a person who tirelessly and relentlessly researches any product over a certain dollar cap. And I can tell you that paying full retail price for these babies immediately brought forth on my inner researcher, who was dying to scour the internet for hours looking for kernels of insight. So, if you are like me in that aspect, maybe you can find something here to assist you if you’re considering making this purchase. If you’re not, I’m not sure what TF brought you here but . . .


Solotica Natural Colors Mel ReviewAs the title suggest, I purchased Solotica Natural Color lenses in the color of “Mel” or “Honey”. From what I discerned, these two descriptions are used synonymously.  I ordered these lenses in my prescription so I could justify the price. I mean, is there really a price on good vision?

Personally, I haven’t worn contact lenses since high school and my ten year reunion has already past, if that quantifies it for you. At best, I am an occasional glasses wearer, who usually banks on the fact that my nearsightedness is not that severe. But, damn is being able to see distance a plus.

Solotica Natural Colors Mel ReviewMy natural color is some version of green/gray/brown. I believe on a technicality it is classified as hazel but when I’m pressed, I say brown. It’s just much easier than having a battle of wits with an unarmed person hell-bent on proving me wrong.

I found that these lenses did a fine job of covering up my darker hue.


Solotica Natural Colors Mel Review

  (Left: Mel – Solotica; Right: Natural)


Solotica Natural Colors Mel Review

 (Left: Mel – Solotica; Right: Natural)

Solotica Natural Colors Mel ReviewThis section will be brief in nature considering I am by far no expert on contact lenses as a whole. However, through my previous research, I concluded out of the three types of Solotica lenses, the Natural Colors line was the least opaque and also the thinner of the bunch. That said, I can certainly feel the lenses.

Perhaps with more frequent use, I’ll become accustom to the lenses and they won’t feel so foreign. But, as it stands – yes. I can feel ‘em.

NoticeabilityI took these lenses out for a test drive at work.

I was dying to know if the people I spend the bulk of my waking life with would notice the change. The first few hours passed by without acknowledgement. I was surprised considering my morning consists of being everyone’s espresso barista (read: bitch) in a kitchen built for Keebler elves.

(Side Note: The espresso machine is ancient, imported from Italy, and surely worth more than my life, so, one can understand why my coworkers refuse to assume the liability.)

Finally, about half way through my day, someone noticed and I couldn’t have been more stoked. It was the moment I had been waiting for since I had walked in the door. She gushed that my eyes were “sexy” and blushed, while telling me that she thought she might have a crush on me.  Fortunately for me and my coworkers – we don’t have an in house HR department. We’d all be shitcanned if that were the case.

Later in conversation, she told me that she hadn’t noticed immediately because they had such a natural look.


Solotica Natural Colors Mel ReviewI’d definitely buy them again. There’s only so many times I can change my hair color in a given year before enough is enough. Playing with these contacts allowed me to spice up my look for the day with little commitment, and without follicle damage.

In my book, that’s a win-win.



2 thoughts on “Solotica Natural Colors Mel – Review

  1. Elizabeth Doren says:

    I found you on MBC – this post was pretty funny. I have to admit I relate to the hair color bit too much. I mean really how much hair dye can my hair take before I try something else. Answe – a lot until I read this post. If you know – can you buy at a brick and mortar or only online?

    • Charlotte by Design says:

      I literally dyed my hair red, blue, and purple this year before I decided to explore other avenues. ?

      I wasn’t able to find any in my local area, so I had to order them online at —if you’re curious. They delivered quickly, too.

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