DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets

Now we’re getting into more of my territory.

I am a jewelry maker by heart — and have been for decades.

Oh, the countless hours in craft stores searching for the perfect beads, or perfect findings, to make my pieces pop.

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All before I could even drive. Thanks, ma!

Fast forward to present day, and a quick scroll through Etsy usually meets all of my designing needs — in excess.

(Seriously, my Etsy wishlist is extensive.)

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a leisurely stroll through the craft store or local bead shops but —for an introvert— what a time to be alive!

So, this project developed organically from pieces I have seen somewhere between the Pinterest + Etsy apps that are (9 time out of 10) running concurrently on my phone.

Read on for super easy tutorial that even a novice jewelry maker could master!

Step One: Gather Supplies

DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets

Step Two: Crush Pyrite

DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets

You will need the mortar + pestle, mask, and safety glasses for this step.

Keep an eye on the size of your pyrite pieces as you’re crushing.

I knew that I wanted some substantial chunks as well as dust, so, keeping the surface space of the bracelet in mind, I crushed accordingly.

Step Three: Glue

DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets

Run the glue across the surface area of the bracelet.

After, I leveled the glue out my with a toothpick, and rubbed any excess off with a paper towel.

Step Four: Press Into Pyrite

DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets
Press the glue into the pyrite mix and teeter back & forth until most of the surface is covered.

Then sprinkle the dust mixture onto the top to fill in any gaps.

Step Five: Dry + Wear

DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets
E6000 dries within 5 minutes but isn’t fully cured until 24 to 72 hours later.

That said, I am an impatient being and I wore mine the very next day.

I loved how this turned out so much that I immediately ordered more cuffs for Christmas gifts and I am stoked to get crafting.

If you plan on recreating this, let me know in the comments!

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DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

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