DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder

The idea occurred to me on a whim while I was on an impromptu first trip to the Hobby Lobby with my best friend.

Oh. My. God. I have found my Mecca.

I could have easily lost my entire paycheck in that store – just like that. It would have magically disappeared.

*Poof* Paycheck Be Gone

I showed what little restraint I had solely because I didn’t feel like explaining to my kids why we were to survive on Ramen alone for the next few months.

Pssh. Who am I kidding? My kids would have been stoked over that revelation.

Ramen? Uh.. yes, please.

And the fact that their happiness can be purchased for a mere 10¢ a piece isn’t sad. It’s economical.

(Listen. There are so many other things to judge me for. Just you wait.)

step one: gather supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Photo Frame
  • Assortment of Knobs

DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder

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Tools Needed:


Personally, I’d recommend wire cutters. The Klein pliers were subpar at best for cutting the chicken wire (aka hardware cloth). I almost threw these in frustration multiple times. So, learn from my mistake. Go with legit wire cutters.

Step two: measure

DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder TutorialIn this step, you need to find your center point and mark it on the back side of the photo frame.

step three: make your marks!

DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder

Make your marks!

My knobs were varying sizes. I wanted the focal knob to be the rose which was larger in size than the others. So, my subsequent markings were not consciously a set numerical distance — as I wanted to visually account for the sizing difference.

If you’re a perfectionist, or a math whiz, I’m sure there’s a more precise formula for this step. You do you.

step four: drill

DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder

Drill your holes.

step five: cut your wire to size


This is the part where you’ll thank me if you decide against the damn Klein pliers and go with the wire cutters instead.

For my project, I decided to add a background by gluing a piece of scrapbook paper to the inside cardboard of the photo frame.

This step can be bypassed if you decide to leave the hardware cloth open by not replacing the back of the frame. If you choose to do this, this is where you will need your staple gun.

Also, you will need to make sure that your staples are smaller in length than the frame so they do not pierce through to the front. (I failed to adhere to this step and ended up with a scrapbook paper background. So, once again, be sure to learn from my mistakes.)

step six: assemble!

Place backing, screw in your knobs, adorn with jewelry, and drool over your new creation. In that order.

DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder Tutorial


DIY Photo Frame Jewelry Holder Tutorial

I’d love to see any recreations of this look you may make! So many different looks can be achieved by this concept. 

Let me know in the comments if this is a project you will be tackling!



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