DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume

With Suicide Squad sitting in the Top 10 Highest Grossing Films of 2016, and the movie having introduced Harley Quinn’s character to the big screen, she quickly became a prime candidate for this year’s Halloween costumes.

Not for myself, though – for my daughter.

But . . . doesn’t she wear just a t-shirt and underoos?


Insert my conundrum on recreating the costume, sans the floozy.

I think I nailed it.

Read below if you’d like to learn how to make this (modest) version of Harley Quinn’s costume.


DIY Kids Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial(Note: Some affiliated links are included)

Supplies Needed (Pictured):

Additional Supplies:

Harley Quinn tutu

step ONE: prep cardboard

You will need two strips of cardboard. Thanks to my Amazon Prime addiction, I have a plethora of empty boxes lying around.

Cardboard Strip #1:

I made the width of this cardboard strip match the length of my crocheted headband.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Cardboard Strip #2:

The length should equal the length you would like your tutu skirt to be and the width should be slightly wider than your tulle. See photograph on Step #2 for reference.

The length of this cardboard is the measurement from my daughter’s waist to her knee caps.

step two: wrap tulle

You will want to tape your tulle into place and mark this side.

Note the blue marking next to my left index finger.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Wrap tulle around cardboard.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Once complete, cut the tulle on the side that you marked initially.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

This will leave you with the strips of tulle that you will be working with. I recommend doing both colors before starting the knotting process.

step three: thread tulle into headband

Fold tulle strips in half and push into the hole of the crocheted headband.

I skipped the bottom row.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Also, if you prefer your tutus to be fuller, use two strips at a time like I did.

I received this tip from my tutu guru best friend and it really enhanced the overall look & fullness of my tutus. Thanks, Kate. 😉

Now, push through the ends of the tulle into the loop created.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Pull until knot is formed and the appearance is to your liking.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

step four: complete your rows

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Because I used the length of the headband as the width of my cardboard, I used the completion of a side as a stopping point, turned it over, and switched to blue.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Pictured above is the completion of the first row.

I filled in two rows of the crocheted headband with my supplies and it achieved the look I was going for.


STEP ONE:  PRINT “good” And “night”

I used a serif font that I cannot remember the name of and worked with the sizing until it filled the page. One page for “Good” and the other for “Night”.

Also, I used regular printing paper but a thicker paper could have made the process easier.

Make sure to compare your lettering to the bat to ensure that your sizing is correct.

step two: cut out lettering/create stencil

Now, I’m sure what’s left of that poor box is still lying around.

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume TutorialGrab a scrap piece, secure the paper, and, using your X-acto knife, cut around the letters.

This will create a stencil.

Remember to leave small connecting strips to your “O” and to your “D” or you will have to freehand the inner portion of the letter. Yeahhh. *Raises hand*

step three: tape around bat & color

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial

Position paper stencil around bat and secure with tape. Now, it’s time to color! I used a fine point sharpie but any red sharpie would do.

AND you’re done!

DIY Harley Quinn Costume Tutu Tutorial for Kids

additional info:

For the ribbon, I simply wrapped a portion around my daughter’s pigtails and secured with fabric tape. You could easily hot glue it or simply tie bows into each pigtail.

Whatever works for you!

DIY Harley Quinn Costume Tutu Tutorial

For makeup, I had some pretty outrageous colors in my Urban Decay Deluxe Palette. I used “Peace” for her left eye, and a combination of “Fishnet” and a pale pink for her right eye.

I then drew on a heart with an eyeliner marker I received in one of my monthly Ipsy bags and completed the look with a red lip in Snow White by NYX ― aka the only shade of red lipstick that complements our pale complexion.

and Viola!

DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume Tutorial


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