DIY Indian Corn Wreath

It’s Fall, y’all.

And while it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in the “Sunshine State”, it doesn’t seem to curb the basic white girl desires.

Boots & Pumpkin Spice Lattes – comin’ right up.

DIY Indian Corn Wreath Tutorial

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest moons ago and knew that I needed to recreate it. Insert the birth of this blog and, low and behold, I now have a reason to get crafty on the regular.

I don’t remember what my excuse was before, but I am sure it was an equally compelling argument and as justified as the above. Yep.

Step One: Gather Supplies

DIY Indian Corn Wreath Tutorial

  • Indian Corn
  • 12″ Craft Ring
  • Hot Glue Gun

I ordered my Indian corn off of Etsy because I wasn’t motivated enough to hunt it down locally. It arrived beautiful and in perfect condition. And I never even had to leave my couch.


As it turns out, though, you can find this in your average, run-of-the-mill grocery store or perhaps your local farmers market.

Whatever works best for you.

Step Two: Figure Out Your Strategy


I piled the dried Indian Corn into four piles.

  • Pile #1: More of a burgundy.
  • Pile #2: Yellow.
  • Pile #3: Yellow/black/brown.
  • Pile #4: More of a deep purple bordering black.

I, then, lined the corn on the craft ring to have a visual on my pattern. Yes, this is all a clear indicator of my propensity to be anal retentive.

You do you.

Find a pattern and a flow that matches the look that you’re going for.

Step Three: Start Hot Gluing

Burn yourself as many times as possible. It’s tradition.


Depending on the size of your corn, around ¼” to ½” should hang over into the inner circle of the ring.

Basically, you want to ensure that the corn will line up close enough together that only a minimal portion of the craft ring will be visible once your project is complete.

Step Four: Time to Hang It Up!


Now all that’s left to do is to snap photos and gloat on social media.

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