DIY Dreamcatcher Tutorial

If you know me, you know to expect hippie ‘ish – from my clothing choices, to my home, to my hobbies, and my preferences.

Embrace it. It’s not changing.

Due to this, when the lovely Joanna and I were discussing what to craft this past weekend, a dreamcatcher was easily a top contender.

So, insert this tutorial and here we are!

Step One: Gather Supplies

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

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Step Two: Wrap Ring with Suede

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Begin by hot gluing the suede lace onto the metal ring. Also, remember to ceremoniously burn yourself with the hot glue gun as many times as possible. It’s a rite of passage.

What fingerprints? Keep those forensic teams guessing.

Once the hot glue dries, securing the suede into place, you can begin wrapping.

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Try to keep the wrap as tight as possible but, if it’s loose, it’s not the end of the world. You can still adjust how tight and neat it is once you make the full circle.

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Step Three: Begin Inner Weaving

You will need approximately 10 – 12 feet of string to begin. That’s probably more than necessary, but, the way I see it is that it’s better to have more and not need it, than to have less and need it.

So, start the weaving by tying a secure knot; preferably in the same location you initially hot glued the suede onto, as this area will be slightly more prominent.


You will need to mentally access the spacing of each additional loop, as you want them to be equal in size.

For mine, I decided on 7 spaces.

You move the string over and tie your next knot. Repeat this process until the first rim is complete.

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Side note: Although I like the look of hemp, it was not the easiest material to work with and, due to the width, I was unable to place beads into the weave like I had hoped.

This may be the first instance in my life where hemp has failed me. *Sigh*

I would recommend a waxed string in place of this.

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Step Four: CompletE Subsequent Rings

When you finish the first ring, you will need to locate the center point of the next string and tie a knot there.


It may not appear to be correct at first sight, but it will take shape as you continue the process.

Continue making knots at each middle point until you reach the center. At this point, you can either finish by knotting and leaving the center open, or you can embellish with a centerpiece.

I chose an agate heart bead for my centerpiece.

Step Five: Create Dreamcatcher Fringe

Now, I have failed you, but I did not adequately photograph this step.

We can blame it on this seasonally appropriate beverage:


Sorry, Starbucks, but you weren’t the man for the job.

However, it can be done in a multitude of ways and is completely up to the creator.

I personally clipped my peacock feathers down, tied the hemp string to the base, and slid beads over the feather. On alternating strings, I tied knots before sliding beads into place, as seen below.

If neither of these tickles your fancy, I’ve seen some awesome dreamcatchers that utilize scraps of fabric in place of strings and feathers.

Step Six: Hang It Up!

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

The perfectionist in me knows a thousand different ways I would complete my next dreamcatcher, but the artist in me acknowledges that this is now my favorite dreamcatcher in my home because I made it.

If you liked this tutorial, stay tuned for next week’s Suncatcher Tutorial!

Have you made a dreamcatcher before? What are your favorite materials to use? Let me know in the comments!

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DIY Dreamcatcher Tutorial

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