DIY Bloody Crayon Pumpkin

I’m usually geared more towards cutesy Halloween décor as a mother of twin boys are afraid of their own shadows and a daughter who I believe might be the next Stephen King – or Ted Bundy. One can never be too sure. But, what I do know is that her love of the macabre is unmatched by the remaining members of the household.

Kid’s a little creepy. Just sayin’.

Anywho, this idea was perilously close to the more lighthearted & colorful idea of the rainbow crayon pumpkins that I was leaning towards but . . . bloodier. So, it was a shoo-in for the holiday.

Seriously. Who can resist a hemorrhaging pumpkin? Evidently, not I.

So, here you have it:

Step One: Gather Supplies

Bloody Crayon Pumpkin Supplies(Note: This post contains some affiliate links)

Supplies Needed:

So, a couple things about these supplies. . .

One, I’ve added a link to the Funkins which directs you towards Amazon. However, I suggest picking these up at Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, or any other local craft store. I did not pay $34 for this pumpkin. Hell no.

I purchased mine for 40% off at Hobby Lobby and nabbed it for $15.

Second, did you know you could purchase Crayola crayons by the color? I fucking didn’t. I was stoked to find out I didn’t have to buy multiple boxes of crayons to achieve this look. Good lookin’ out, Amazon. You always take care of me. <3

Third, I bought Martha Stewart craft glue for no particular reason other than the fact that it was Martha-freakin’-Stewart. I’m sure her craft glue has some street cred. It just has to.

Fourth, you don’t necessarily need an X-acto knife but they’re useful to have around.

Step Two: DeLabel The Crayons

This is where the X-acto knife comes in handy. You can peel the labels off any which way your heart desires. I, however, find personal satisfaction in using an X-acto knife.

Also, it really does expedite the process.

Bloody Crayon Pumpkins - Delabel Crayons

Step Three: Start Gluing

Bloody Crayon Pumpkin - Glue Crayons

Glue down each crayon around the base of the stem like photographed. This step assists – but does not alleviate – the crayons sliding around when you’re heating them up with a hairdryer.

I had a few crayons that decided to go rogue.

I allowed a couple hours drying time but I was also completing another DIY project simultaneously that I will announce this Friday, the 23rd.

So, stay tuned, yo.

Step Four: Start Blow-drying

Bloody Crayon Pumpkin - Blow-Drying

I started off heating the crayons on this artist palette replica table but quickly decided to move to the grass. I know people probably wouldn’t have been able to differentiate the wax splatter from the faux paint splotches but I’d know and I love this table too much to do that to her.

This step requires your creativity and your vision. Explore it. Create it.

step five: viola! bloody pumpkin

Bloody Crayon Pumpkin Tutorial

And there you have it: A bloody pumpkin! (In my mind, this was said with British accent and a smidge of disdain.)

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What Halloween projects do you have in the pipeline? Let me know in the comments!

DIY Bloody Crayon Pumpkin Tutorial

DIY Bloody Crayon Pumpkin Tutorial

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