DIY Agate Wind Chime

Confession: My obsession with rocks runs deep.

I’m an avid collector and have been my entire life, so, needless to say, I’m beyond excited to finally be getting around to posting this tutorial.

I have been seeing these wind chimes everywhere as of late and was dying to create my own version.

And, as with most of my creative endeavors, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how I went about it.

Read on for the full tutorial!

Step One: Gather Supplies

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

Step Two: Mark & Drill Holes

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

I suggest using a pencil rather than a marker. I wasn’t thinking clearly and used the first writing utensil available.

Fortunately, once the holes are drilled, the markings are hardly visible.

You will need to stay (somewhat) consistent in your spacing.

For this small slice of wood, I chose approximately 1.5” – 2” spacing and marked 8 places.

I did this by eyeballing it rather than an exact measurement.

You do you.

Also, use the smallest drill bit you can find as the holes only need to be large enough for the fishing line to pass through.

Step Three: Make Knots

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

You will need to knot the fishing line around your first slice of agate.

Be generous with the amount of fishing line as this will connect to the top portion of your wind chime as well.

I consistently cut approximately 3 feet each time. Better safe than sorry.

Once it is tied to the agate, thread the string through the hole and into the bead.

Secure it again by tying it around the bead.

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

I made my first the shortest and for each subsequent string, I made sure approximately 0.5” of the agate touched.

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

Step Four: Glue

What goes up must come down.

Once all of your agate slices are lined up how you envisioned, glue the beads to the wood with E6000 glue and allow it to dry.

I let it sit overnight.

Step Five: Attached Wooden Ring

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

At this point, I had varying lengths of fishing line through the top portion of the wind chime, with the shortest being over a foot.

I gathered the fishing line, made sure it was centered/balanced, and tied it in knots around the wooden ring.

I secured this with E6000 glue as well because that shit is good for everything.

I then cut off any excess string.

Step Six: Hang It Up!

DIY Agate Wind Chime Tutorial

Hearing this little guy chime is glorious.


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