Painting With A Twist

This post will be another one of my do it yourself post that is not quite a textbook DIY.

Between baby + bridal showers galore this month, feverish children catching this seasons plague, and the day-to-day bustle, my DIY agate wind chime is on hold until next Friday.

I know, I know. I am as disappointed as you are.

But stay tuned!

Fortunately, before the chaos of my weekend ensued, I was able to catch a reprieve. *Om*

As a company, we were allowed to leave work a couple hours early to attend one of my favorite classes: Painting with a Twist!

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Solotica Natural Colors Mel – Review

I can preface this with the fact that I am not sponsored by this brand, I have no affiliation with this brand, and I am not –by any means– a bonafide product reviewer.

What I am is a person who tirelessly and relentlessly researches any product over a certain dollar cap. And I can tell you that paying full retail price for these babies immediately brought forth on my inner researcher, who was dying to scour the internet for hours looking for kernels of insight. So, if you are like me in that aspect, maybe you can find something here to assist you if you’re considering making this purchase. If you’re not, I’m not sure what TF brought you here but . . .


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