Adventures in DIY Tie Dye

Don’t think of this as a tutorial because, if you do, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Think of this as the anti-tutorial. You can learn from my mistakes how to achieve better results.

There are many DIY projects and crafts that I excel in. Tie dye is not one of them.

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Costumes You Can Wear To Work

All right, all right.

I’m not breaking any creative ground here but what I am offering is a few quick ideas for dressing up at the office this year using items either already in your closet or items you can wear again ― with a handful of accessories thrown into the mix.

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DIY Harley Quinn Tutu Costume

With Suicide Squad sitting in the Top 10 Highest Grossing Films of 2016, and the movie having introduced Harley Quinn’s character to the big screen, she quickly became a prime candidate for this year’s Halloween costumes.

Not for myself, though – for my daughter.

But . . . doesn’t she wear just a t-shirt and underoos?


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DIY Indian Corn Wreath

It’s Fall, y’all.

And while it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in the “Sunshine State”, it doesn’t seem to curb the basic white girl desires.

Boots & Pumpkin Spice Lattes – comin’ right up.

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Home Décor: Sugar Skulls

Despite being questioned throughout my life —thanks to a non-Anglo-Saxon surname— I still, to this day, have no Mexican ancestry. Apparently, my astonishingly pale skin tone and inability to roll my Rs isn’t a clear enough indication.

However, what I do have is a deep appreciation for skulls.

And, thanks to this little fact, it is impossible for me not to be drawn to the intricately embellished sugar skulls. They’re captivating.

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DIY Bloody Crayon Pumpkin

I’m usually geared more towards cutesy Halloween décor as a mother of twin boys are afraid of their own shadows and a daughter who I believe might be the next Stephen King – or Ted Bundy. One can never be too sure. But, what I do know is that her love of the macabre is unmatched by the remaining members of the household.

Kid’s a little creepy. Just sayin’.

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DIY Floral Skull Planter

What do I love more than crafting? Stupid easy crafts with stellar results.

Insert this insanely easy project that does not have to be confined to Halloween decor.

These little guys will be a permanent staple in my house.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve always had a fixation with skulls, in both art and decor. Even the quickest of strolls through my Pinterest would reveal that. So, there’s no way I’d put these into storage come November 1st.

Nope. We’ve bonded.

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13 Halloween Makeup Ideas & Tutorial

No other holiday piques my interest or sparks my inner creative genius quite like Halloween. Is it the spooky ambiance? Is it the ghoulish decor? Or is it the opportunity to momentarily embody someone (or something) else?

For myself, it’s a nice blend of the above — with an emphasis on the latter.

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