Bohemian Decor: Patterned Dinnerware

Eating is one of my top 3 favorite hobbies of all time.

And as any dedicated foodie, I have spent a significant portion of my life holding open the fridge door, looking for answers.

However, once my mission is complete, I turn to my cabinet and pull out my bland white dish set.

Where’s the fun in that? Hint: There isn’t any.

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Bohemian Decor: Lanterns

In case my preferred cup of tea isn’t inherently clear… it’s of the electic, global persuasion.

People, people… please contain your surprise.


Originally, I had little intention of creating a continuation to the I Dream of Lanterns blog.

None, in fact, until I found myself fully immersed in the interwebs looking for bohemian lanterns to add to my own collection.

I was sucked in and, before I knew it, I was trapped.

The colors. The neutrals. The intricacy. The simplicity. The boldness. The subdued. 

The contrast. ??

There I was, captivated, scrolling pages filled with gems of lanterns — each one as beautiful and as unique as the last. 

It was in that moment that I knew these jewels were not meant to be kept to myself.

So, here I am now, beyond stoked to be able to share the finds of my treasure hunt! I hope you enjoy this abundance of visual stimuli as much as I did.

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