Bohemian Decor: Patterned Dinnerware

Eating is one of my top 3 favorite hobbies of all time.

And as any dedicated foodie, I have spent a significant portion of my life holding open the fridge door, looking for answers.

However, once my mission is complete, I turn to my cabinet and pull out my bland white dish set.

Where’s the fun in that? Hint: There isn’t any.

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Bohemian Decor: Lanterns

In case my preferred cup of tea isn’t inherently clear… it’s of the electic, global persuasion.

People, people… please contain your surprise.


Originally, I had little intention of creating a continuation to the I Dream of Lanterns blog.

None, in fact, until I found myself fully immersed in the interwebs looking for bohemian lanterns to add to my own collection.

I was sucked in and, before I knew it, I was trapped.

The colors. The neutrals. The intricacy. The simplicity. The boldness. The subdued. 

The contrast. ??

There I was, captivated, scrolling pages filled with gems of lanterns — each one as beautiful and as unique as the last. 

It was in that moment that I knew these jewels were not meant to be kept to myself.

So, here I am now, beyond stoked to be able to share the finds of my treasure hunt! I hope you enjoy this abundance of visual stimuli as much as I did.

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Bohemian Décor: Pillows & Poufs

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: I’m a pillow junkie.

If I don’t have enough pillows, I can’t sleep. . . I get cold sweats. . . I start to shake.

It’s not pretty.

It all started with the fact that, as a dedicated introvert, I cherish my moments lounging in my bed or on my couch. It just made sense that I would want these areas to be as cozy as flippin’ possible. So, I tried throw pillows at first.

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DIY Suncatcher Tutorial

Riding on the coattails of last week’s simplistic dreamcatcher is this week’s noticeably more decadent suncatcher – delivered, as promised! Continue reading

Bohemian Décor: Bold & Colorful Rugs

What is a bohemian room without a bold rug? Yep. That’s right — incomplete.

A colorful, textured rug is a must-have focal point and a critical bohemian component that you can’t live without, right?

Okay, okay. Maybe there isn’t a set of rules on what constitutes a bohemian room, per se.  Continue reading

Bohemian Décor: I Dream of Lanterns

I have a deep adoration for all things hippie coupled with an attraction to bright colors. The bi-fecta — if you will.

So, bohemian décor tickles my fancy and will be a monthly staple because I love drooling over pretty things and I hope you do, too.

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Bohemian Décor: Steals & Splurges

As an introvert, I am a creature of comfort whose safe haven is their home. And, as a woman who veers on the side of artsy, I am a lover of captivating aesthetics. This combination fuels my passion for interior design.

Now, add in the fact that I am a bit of a hippie —raised by a reformed free spirit who graduated the class of 1970— my tastes gravitate towards the channeling of years past. The eclectic mediums, vibrant colors, and disheveled charm of bohemian decor excite me. Continue reading