Bohemian Décor: Steals & Splurges

As an introvert, I am a creature of comfort whose safe haven is their home. And, as a woman who veers on the side of artsy, I am a lover of captivating aesthetics. This combination fuels my passion for interior design.

Now, add in the fact that I am a bit of a hippie —raised by a reformed free spirit who graduated the class of 1970— my tastes gravitate towards the channeling of years past. The eclectic mediums, vibrant colors, and disheveled charm of bohemian decor excite me.

Even my own home displays many elements of bohemian allure. A walk through my space would showcase dreamcatchers to marquee signs; lanterns to an overabundance of throw pillows; Moravian stars to bold bottles from foreign lands. Each item provides a texture and pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.

Unless we’re talking about my daughter’s bohemian inspired room which is so ridiculously pink, it literally glows.

Due to this passion for bohemian décor, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite pieces that are sure to bring bohemian charm into any living space. Also, if any of you readers are like me —with champagne taste on a beer budget— I have made it a point to find items priced on both the lower and higher ends of the spectrum.

It is my hope that you find something in this article that inspires you — whether that inspiration be in the form of a purchase or a DIY project to recreate something similar to these pieces.




Bedding - Magical Thinking Moroccan - Urban Outfitters - Splurge

Urban Outfitters – Magical Thinking Moroccan Duvet – $129 to $169


Bedding - Gypsy Rose - Target - Steal

Target – Gypsy Rose Duvet – $62.99 to $69.99

Hanging Chair


Hanging Chair - Knotted Melati - Anthropologie - Splurge

Anthropologie – Knotted Melati Hanging Chair – $598


Hanging Chair - Parker Woven Tree Hammock - Wayfair - Steal

Wayfair – Parker Woven Tree Hammock – $93.80

Wood Stump End Table


Reclaimed Wood Stump End Tables - Pottern Barn - Splurge

Pottery Barn – Reclaimed Wood Stump End Tables – Special $239 to $279


Teak Tree Stump End Tables - World Market - Steal

World Market – Teak Tree Stump End Table – Sale $39.48

Moravian Star


Moravian Star - Superior Moravian Star - Shades of Light - Splurge

Shades of Light – Superior Moravian Star – $295


Moravian Star - Olivia Star - Pottery Barn - Splurge

Pottery Barn – Olivia Indoor/Outdoor Star – $179



Rug - Urban Outfitters - Splurge

Urban Outfitters – Lakho Woven Jute Round Rug – $189


Rug - Urban Outfitters - Steal

Urban Outfitters – Plum & Bow Ansel Crochet Rug – $99

Shower Curtain


Urban Outfitters - Shower Curtain - Splurge

Urban Outfitters – Kelsi Crochet Shower Curtain – $79


Shower Curtain - Earthbound - Steal

Earthbound – White Teal Mandala Shower Curtain – $34.95

And there you have it. These items barely scratch the surface on decorative bohemian pieces that you can add to your home to give it a free-spirited flare.

If you’re looking for more bohemian decor, check out my blog I Dream of Lanterns.

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Let me know if you found any must have items in the comments!

Bohemian Decor - Steals and Splurges - Collage






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    • Charlotte by Design says:

      Hey Marsha! Aren’t they gorgeous?

      The rugs are available at If you click on the photos, it will take you right to them on their site.

      I’m not an affiliate — just hoping to save you some time!

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