Bohemian Decor: Patterned Dinnerware

Eating is one of my top 3 favorite hobbies of all time.

And as any dedicated foodie, I have spent a significant portion of my life holding open the fridge door, looking for answers.

However, once my mission is complete, I turn to my cabinet and pull out my bland white dish set.

Where’s the fun in that? Hint: There isn’t any.


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Now, granted, I usually inhale my meals like a rabid dog, but why not take the scenic route? And by that, I don’t mean slow down and taste my meals — although I would agree that’s solid advice.

Good looking out.

What I mean is why not spice up an ordinary kitchen with some bold, bohemian dinnerware?

No, seriously. I’m asking.

And if you’ve thought of any reasons for me not to complete my purchase by the end of this article, please let me know in the comments.

If you’re able to provide a compelling case — while my soul may die a little — my wallet might thank you.


Bohemian Decor: Tunisian Sunset Round Platter

 Tunisian Sunset Round Platter


Bohemian Décor: Shanghai Dinnerware

Shanghai Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Tracy Porter Rose Boheme Ice Cream Bowl

Tracy Porter Rose Boheme Ice Cream Bowls

Santa Fe Springs Stoneware 16 Piece Dinnerware Santa Fe Springs Stoneware Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Baja Brights Dinnerware

Baja Brights Blue Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Azure Tile Dinnerware

Azure Tile Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Tapestry Salad Plate

Tapestry Salad Plate

Rose Boheme 16 Oz. Coffee Mug

Rose Boheme Coffee Mugs

Bohemian Decor: Karina Tile Dinnerware

Karina Tile Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Baja Brights Yellow Melamine Salad Plate

Baja Brights Yellow Salad Plate

Rose Boheme Dessert Plate

Rose Boheme Dessert Plate

Bohemian Decor: Fez Moroccan Dinnerware

Fez Moroccan Dinnerware

Bohemian Decor: Mexicali DinnerwareMexicali Dinnerware

Bungalow Rose Penelope Floral

Bungalow Rose Penelope Floral

Bohemian Decor: Bungalow Rose Marieke Bowls

Bungalow Rose Marieke Bowl

Bohemian Décor: Bungalow Rose Marieke Bowl

Santa Fe Springs Stoneware 16 Piece Dinnerware

Elama Santa Fe Springs Dinnerware

Penelope Floral Dinnerware

Now, lets say you’re like me, and your impulse control is hit or miss, which of these would you add to your cart? Let me know in the comments!

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