Bohemian Décor: I Dream of Lanterns

I have a deep adoration for all things hippie coupled with an attraction to bright colors. The bi-fecta — if you will.

So, bohemian décor tickles my fancy and will be a monthly staple because I love drooling over pretty things and I hope you do, too.

Note: There are some affiliated links in this post. That doesn’t take away from how stunning these lanterns are to me — and hopefully not to you, either!

Now that that’s out of the way — one of my most beloved items to decorate with is Moroccan in style. Lanterns! *Wipes drool* And since I reside in an area prone to hurricanes, these could totally have a functional purpose someday. Yeah.

So. . . my purchase is completely justified and your argument is invalid.

Moving on!

I own several of these lanterns myself. I adorn my crafting station and ledge with them because of the personality they bring into my most favorite of spaces. It helps my creative process when I am crafting new jewelry pieces. Inspiration is key!

And if I wasn’t minimalistic in my furniture selection, I would likely have many more.

Who am I kidding? After scouring for these babies, it’s likely that I will own many more in the not so distant future. I’m not mad about it.

Continue below to find a handful of some of my favorite lanterns!


Emerald Green Serenity Hanging Candle Lantern Lamp


Caravan Gem Round Lantern


Moroccan Hanging Star Lantern


Moroccan Rainbows Delight Garden Hanging Candle Lantern


Square Moroccan Candle Lantern


Purple Glass Hanging Moroccan Candle Lantern with Chain


Moroccan Style Star Shaped Candle Lantern, Metal Glass


Moroccan Temple Tower Candle Holder Hanging Lantern


Caravan Gem Lantern

Which is your  personal fave? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’re looking for more bohemian inspiration, check out my blog on  Bohemian Steals & Splurges!







Bohemian Decor - I Dream of Lanterns!


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