Bohemian Decor: Lanterns

In case my preferred cup of tea isn’t inherently clear… it’s of the electic, global persuasion.

People, people… please contain your surprise.


Originally, I had little intention of creating a continuation to the I Dream of Lanterns blog.

None, in fact, until I found myself fully immersed in the interwebs looking for bohemian lanterns to add to my own collection.

I was sucked in and, before I knew it, I was trapped.

The colors. The neutrals. The intricacy. The simplicity. The boldness. The subdued. 

The contrast. ??

There I was, captivated, scrolling pages filled with gems of lanterns — each one as beautiful and as unique as the last. 

It was in that moment that I knew these jewels were not meant to be kept to myself.

So, here I am now, beyond stoked to be able to share the finds of my treasure hunt! I hope you enjoy this abundance of visual stimuli as much as I did.

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DIY Pyrite Cuff Bracelets

Now we’re getting into more of my territory.

I am a jewelry maker by heart — and have been for decades.

Oh, the countless hours in craft stores searching for the perfect beads, or perfect findings, to make my pieces pop.

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DIY Agate Wind Chime

Confession: My obsession with rocks runs deep.

I’m an avid collector and have been my entire life, so, needless to say, I’m beyond excited to finally be getting around to posting this tutorial.

I have been seeing these wind chimes everywhere as of late and was dying to create my own version.

And, as with most of my creative endeavors, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how I went about it.

Read on for the full tutorial!

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Painting With A Twist

This post will be another one of my do it yourself post that is not quite a textbook DIY.

Between baby + bridal showers galore this month, feverish children catching this seasons plague, and the day-to-day bustle, my DIY agate wind chime is on hold until next Friday.

I know, I know. I am as disappointed as you are.

But stay tuned!

Fortunately, before the chaos of my weekend ensued, I was able to catch a reprieve. *Om*

As a company, we were allowed to leave work a couple hours early to attend one of my favorite classes: Painting with a Twist!

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Home Décor: Rose Gold & Copper Gift Ideas

Are you the type of person that believes an elf murders a reindeer for every tree lit before Thanksgiving? Is “Bah Humbug” one of your catch phrases and The Grinch your idol?

If so, this blog post is probably not for you.

Not yet, anyway.

However, with the average American spending approximately $700 on Christmas gifts annually, I encourage you to give the early Christmas spirit side a try.

S p r e a d   t h a t   s h i t   o u t.

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Adventures in DIY Tie Dye

Don’t think of this as a tutorial because, if you do, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Think of this as the anti-tutorial. You can learn from my mistakes how to achieve better results.

There are many DIY projects and crafts that I excel in. Tie dye is not one of them.

But isn’t this a kids craft?

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Bohemian Décor: Pillows & Poufs

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: I’m a pillow junkie.

If I don’t have enough pillows, I can’t sleep. . . I get cold sweats. . . I start to shake.

It’s not pretty.

It all started with the fact that, as a dedicated introvert, I cherish my moments lounging in my bed or on my couch. It just made sense that I would want these areas to be as cozy as flippin’ possible. So, I tried throw pillows at first.

The gateway pillows.

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DIY Suncatcher Tutorial

Riding on the coattails of last week’s simplistic dreamcatcher is this week’s noticeably more decadent suncatcher – delivered, as promised!

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Costumes You Can Wear To Work

All right, all right.

I’m not breaking any creative ground here but what I am offering is a few quick ideas for dressing up at the office this year using items either already in your closet or items you can wear again ― with a handful of accessories thrown into the mix.

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DIY Dreamcatcher Tutorial

If you know me, you know to expect hippie ‘ish – from my clothing choices, to my home, to my hobbies, and my preferences.

Embrace it. It’s not changing.

Due to this, when the lovely Joanna and I were discussing what to craft this past weekend, a dreamcatcher was easily a top contender.

So, insert this tutorial and here we are!

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