13 Halloween Makeup Ideas & Tutorial

No other holiday piques my interest or sparks my inner creative genius quite like Halloween. Is it the spooky ambiance? Is it the ghoulish decor? Or is it the opportunity to momentarily embody someone (or something) else?

For myself, it’s a nice blend of the above — with an emphasis on the latter.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate the chance to bust out their makeup bag and break up the monotony? Day-to-day makeup routines can have so many social limitations. And with the exception of Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj, most of us mere mortals cannot leave the house dressed as a unicorn any ol’ Tuesday. At least not in clear conscience, anyhow.

For the record, I’m not disputing that this should be implemented —immediately. ?

So, for inspiration’s sake, I have assembled a collection of 13 of the most eye catching DIY Halloween makeup ideas. Please note that not all of the tutorial videos necessarily correspond with the exact photographs. However, they do link to similar makeup techniques.

Just click each image to be taken to the tutorials!


Looking for a unique costume that channels your inner Pennywise meets your inner chola? This Gangster Clown rendition by Chrisspy is sure to fit that bill. This video was wildly entertaining to watch with its theatrical, rap video-esque intro and memorable background song, that I was still humming hours afterwards.

Chrisspy’s Gangster Clown video tutorial was coupled with a detailed voice-over that explains each step in a very easy to follow manner. Now, if only she could assist her followers in having a steady hand, this look would be a walk in the park to achieve.


Who wouldn’t want to immolate everyone’s favorite devious spirit from the 1980s? This Beetlejuice DIY Halloween costume could very well be the right costume for you.

This video is brought to you by Ellimacs SFX. Initially, I felt that the male voice-over to the obviously female makeup artist was a bit peculiar, but it grew on me. It was informative in its step-by-step detail and even provided costume suggestions and a hair tutorial. There was also an alternative video in the sites suggestions to creating a DIY mold of Beetlejuice’s rotten teeth.



Similar in certain respects to the more popular mermaid costumes, this DIY Sea Creature Halloween costume provides a more decorative approach to underwater inspired costumes.

The video tutorial attached to this photograph was not one of my favorites but the overall look Minsooky achieved was. My preferred videos provide audio and visual instructions, whereas this videos only audio was a song that I found almost distracting. I muted the audio portion since I didn’t find it added any value to the video. I was able to follow her visual instructions and found that she was good with displaying product information.

So, if you don’t want to be one among many in a sea of mermaids, this provides an alternative.


Instagram @hairandmakeupbysteph

OH, deer.

One of the cutest, makeup only looks to gain traction in recent years is this DIY Deer Makeup costume. The video linked to this photo is one of Ebony Maize. I was deeply saddened that her adorable Australian accent only made its debut in the intro portion of the video. This is another visual only video, but it was step-by-step and she was conscious of showing each product on camera.


With Suicide Squad having hit theaters in August, and Marlot Robbie killing it as the sexy but psychotic Harley Quinn, this DIY costume is sure to become a popular one this Halloween.

There were many tutorials on how to recreate this look but I felt like I hit gold when I stumbled upon FreshBlush’s YouTube page. She was wickedly entertaining and I got lost on her channel for much longer than a productive person who had shit to do— should have.

Her intros include acting out scenes that correspond with her tutorials and the linked video is only one of many of her costume tutorials. I highly recommend viewing them.

In fact, another one of her videos will be included on this list.

#6 – SUGAR SKULL halloween makeup:

Dia de Muertos, anyone? A classic sugar skull look, rich in cultural history.

The video linked to this image is by the UK makeup artist Shonagh Scott. She fully utilizes her adorable English accent in voice-overs throughout the tutorial. I liked her propensity to make suggestions in the video, such as subtly tracing with dots before committing to full lines and her offering of alternatives to her specific take on the look.

#7 – Bride of frankENstein HALLOWEEN MAKEUP:


“We belong dead.”

I am stoked to be able to link to another FreshBlush DIY Halloween makeup video. In this video, she takes a classic Halloween look coupled with a new age spin. I have already sung her praises for her Harley Quinn Halloween makeup tutorial and know that you will not be disappointed with this Bride of Frankenstein makeup tutorial.



“We’re all mad here!”

This is one of two Alice in Wonderland themed DIY makeup tutorials included on this list. Promise Phan’s short video gives a quick guide on this particular take of the Cheshire cat. This DIY makeup tutorial has clear, concise step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this look all within a 4 minute time span.



One of the most creative new age Halloween costumes to grow in popularity in recent years is the Pop Art comic Halloween costume.

The video linked here is another video by Ellimacs SFX. While the video does not have verbal instructions, the Daft Punk background music almost makes up for it. The artist finished Pop Art makeup costume is perfection. 

There is no doubt that you will stun with your impressive makeup skills on Halloween if you choose to recreate this look.


What little girl didn’t want to be a mermaid? Here’s your chance.

With the mermaid trend still in full force, this YouTube makeup artist, Gemma Clifford, gives a thorough step-by-step explanation of how to achieve a DIY Mermaid Makeup look. Her English accent makes her a pleasure to listen to and she offers suggestions for improving the longevity of the costume from her own experience.

Worth the watch!

#11 – Mad Hatter HALLOWEEN MAKEUP:

DeviantArt – MarieLawliet

The YouTuber linked to this look —not photoed— is hands down my personal favorite makeup artist to watch: GinsMakeup. I was giddy when I realized I would be able to use one of her videos for this article as I have watched many of her day-to-day make up tutorials prior to this. This video gives the viewers good instructions on how to recreate this DIY Mad Hatter Halloween makeup.

While you’re there, I recommend checking out her other videos — if you don’t mind drinking and cursing.

I’d assume if you’re here, reading my articles, these two quirks are a nonissue.

#12 – Zombie Pop Art HALLOWEEN MAKEUP:

Instagram @ellie35x

DanielleReid’s tutorial was the video chosen for this half zombie, half pop art inspired makeup tutorial. She is another adorable Australian YouTuber whose voice-over does a good job providing a piece by piece explanation of the makeup application.

If you’re looking to create elements of gore while still maintaining a playful persona, this may be the costume for you!

#13 – Half Skull HALLOWEEN MAKEUP:

The last video included in this article, lucky number 13, is another tutorial brought to you by Chrisspy.

This Half Skull Halloween makeup tutorial includes many of the same aspects that I adored in Halloween Idea #1. Her theatrical intros, her catchy music choices, and her detailed voice-overs make her Halloween tutorials thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

So, if you want a healthy mix of seductive and frightful, this tutorial has you covered.

Please let me know in the comments if you intend on recreating any of these looks this year. 

If you liked this article and need more Halloween ideas, check out my Super Easy DIY “Halloween” Floral Skulls Tutorial and my equally simple DIY Bloody Crayon Pumpkin Tutorial!

Happy Halloween idea hunting!




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